The Dreamer’s Plight

The Dreamer says, ‘If only I could fly away‘. 
They’ll tell you you’re not ready. 
Obligations, Skepticism and Realism will form like a dark trio. 
They’ll weigh you down and subsequently tear at your feathers. 

But what they won’t tell you is that their fall is eventually inevitable. 
And it’s the how that really matters
The trio will either leech off of your crushed hopes until the blood runs bitter,
Or you will brush them off before they get the chance to really sink their teeth in. 

The moment you grab hold of Reality and brace Fear to look it in the eye,
Steady your hand and silence your worry,
That is when your feathers will grow back. 
Because you do not have time to carry a burden,
For Dreamers were made to fly. 

BIATA, If only I could fly away

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