I learned from an early age that
silence was a key to a door many
never bothered to open. 

Words are fictional elements to me,
all you need to know lies in the pool
of orbital space. 

Time stands still, languages pass
through complex fingers like sand. 
A revolving door of infinite possibility
grasps my chin and pulls a grin. 

And although your words are pretty, 
they are only surface deep,
therefore ostensible to a 
creature like me. 



In the eye of a setting sun, 
the chill of night reaches over the
horizon and grasps your breathe. 
Could it be a sigh of relief
or a sigh of grief that’s the cause?

I’ll have lived a very sad life
to most of humanity,
but I will have lived a full life
for me. 


There are three things I want most from life:
1. The means to have unlimited freedom.
2. A continuous form of entertainment.
3. Society to understand that they should be utilizing this innate talent of mine instead of fearing it.

Something important to note about me is that I’m resilient, painfully so, and eventually I always get what I want.

– B.


Stop steering towards other 
people as a guide, think of them
more as a textbook. 

Nobody can teach you anything,
you’re the only one that can grant
yourself the willingness to learn. 

You’re the only one who can 
put forth the effort to read. 



Jaws hang open like broken
door hinges anymore. 
The rose gardens are lined
in melted celluloid. 
That’s the difference pretty
makes when you burn it. 

I feel as endless as an ocean,
this bottomless pit in the 
center of my head is gaping. 
Am I wretched?
Am I divine?

I’ve the questions of a fallen
angel and the answers of an
enlightened devil. 

I don’t even think god would
know the home to put me in. 

I’m not even certain it exists. 



A heart is merely a vessel of life. 
Lay a hand on your chest,
feel the scattered pulse
beaten back from a
cage lined in bone. 
You will soon

It is fragile

A mind is a true vessel of soul. 
An immeasurable, infinite 
being, wrapped up in
perpetual thought,
an endless supply
an endless aura. 

It is limitless. 

We will never find true solace
until we learn to use one
over the other.