They don’t move much, 
they just sort of shimmer up there. 
The sky is as black as coal, 
the stars remind me of little glowing

Come to think of it
I can’t remember a single constellation, 
I wish I would’ve read more on that. 

That’s it 
I’ve had enough,
it should’ve happened already. 
I’m giving up on this entirely. 
I’m going inside. 

– but what if you miss your chance? 
What if that’s all it takes to miss
something absolutely insane go down?

I fantasize of it often,
from my peripheral,
my eye just sharp enough amongst 
the masses of those not paying
to catch a glimpse of something

Ah, but who am I kidding. 
The magic in this beaten word only
if you create it, 
so we all might as well keep playing

if I ever do go missing,
it’s definitely because 
I’ve been trying
to communicate 
with the mothership. 


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