Small Talk

They will say this is all natural. 
People talk amongst each other,
that’s how you get to really know 

But I have never gotten to know 
anyone based on what they had for
breakfast or where they bought their 

You see, ninety-nine percent of daily 
human interaction falls into the same
routine anymore. 

One person is listening, 
or pretending to be,
while the other is talking. 

and I mean rarely,
will the talker actually
speak on something 
fascinating or even
let up on their turn. 

They will hold you captive to their
incessant rambling
and loud nonsense
for hours 
if they can. 

That lack of common sense,
the dysfunction of it all,
is enough to make any sensible
person feel entirely insane

So when you ask me why I don’t 
pay any mind to the talkers,
or why I choose to hide my eyes and
turn a cold shoulder instead,

Know that it is not me being
socially inept,
or even antisocial,
that is causing our issue. 

I’m just so sick and tired
of listening
to your bullshit. 


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