I avoid the dreaded V question,
but every now and then I like
to force feed some lessons.

It’s just a habit I picked up along
the beaten path.
You see,
I really like to learn new things.

There’s always a way to
see more,
read more,
do more,
think more,
feel more.

It’s exhilarating.
And I truly do believe that is
our only purpose at the end
of the day.

If you’re actually brave enough to
travel said path,
eventually some of them will
stick and stay a while.
Just like your favorite hobbies or tv
shows do.

You develop habits, good or bad,
but the wisdom is always thrilling.
It’s the one thing that never fails.

So perhaps this one could be a lesson
that I’m still continuing along,
or maybe it just fits me
for a while.

It could even be something simpler.
Something along the lines of
I really love animals,
I love plants, too.

That’s about it.


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