Your laughter is as sinewy as the
muscle in my thighs, and the deep echo
in your chest reverberates back in
wise memory. 

I want to pull my fingers through your
hair like dark satin, I want to pool
myself into your lap like a black

I know my life with you will change in
every way I’d ever dreamed damnable,
because I always found you in all of my
most soothing nightmares. 

A realm where only the blackened eyes
and bruised lips could mix and melt. 
I did not find it possible to meet on earth, though I’m sure we’ll change the world. 
– B. 

Hardly the pill you want to swallow
but sometimes the things that are
most difficult provide healing.

Like a nightcap for a lingering cough. 

– B.

Rag Dolls

People either draw back in fear or
lean in curiosity towards the
creation of a monster.

But rarely are they actually able to
comprehend what level of madness
it takes to create one. 

Monsters are created by monsters,
and the only true monsters in this
world are the ones intelligent enough
to create in the first place. 


So next time you question the process
or the face behind the shadows of the
moon, I’ll ask you to take a step back
and fully assess the situation. 


A monster is but a torn rag doll that
merely came back for restitching. 

That’s what happens when you take
something fragile but sure of itself
and shake it until it’s neck snaps
and all the stuffing falls out. 

– B. 


I dreamt of decay slipping 
off of the bones and the 
veins thawing from
white to deep blue. 

These bruises line under the
skin like waterlogged bark
softened under the salt
of a beaten sea. 

But the sea is vast and void
of anything other than the
sound of it’s own crashing. 

Like a derailing train, 
or the cry of a child. 

– B. 

Defense Mechanisms

Monsters are able to intertwine their
Humanity is the only part that can form
a bond. 

Humanity never comes without the price
of claws. 

In order for a monster to intertwine with
It will take communication, clairvoyance and

Else it is all a game.
I do not play games.

– B. 

You’re trying to 
dig your nails
under a skin
so toughened 
I hardly feel 
pain anymore. 

You don’t have
to like me,
You just have 
to know me. 

– B.