Personality Evaluation

In high school they had us take a brief online personality test and write a paper on the summarization of our classified category. What was it to prove? I’m not sure. In fact, I’m not even sure the creator of said assignment or test is sure of that, either. A fun fact to note is they never told us. That was our first hint. 

Most students seemed intrigued. They didn’t question the integrity of the analyzation or even the validity of such a concept in the first place. How could they? You’re pigeonholed from the beginning, you’re told to answer a certain range of questions and based on how you feel like portraying yourself in that particular moment, you’re told that those answers define something in you. It’s a precise, calculated tunnel vision. A question that you did not get to ask and a spoon fed answer. 

I wrote my paper on the things I didn’t identify with in regards to my test result. Contrarily, I also wrote it on all the things I did identify with from the rest of the categories. 

So easily you’re classified and so easily that leaves you vulnerable and pondering the integrity of yourself. It is so illogical, to be based on someone else’s perception of something so complex and widely misunderstood. When in truth you are probably all of the answers combined, too.

You have the power and potential to be so multifaceted and unstoppable and you’ve no desire to be. Instead you stick to your respective test result like glue. Why?

I talk about this a lot, I know. I could yak on for hours and weeks on the theories and tattered holes in the floorboards of our percieved education. I could rattle on for centuries about the lines drawn up around our understanding of mental health. All of these concepts and titles and experiments are good, but only if we continue to ask questions. 

So why don’t we? Because people like to be classified too much. They think it makes things easier on them, but in actuality it is causing a mental sigma and break. Everyone is currently aching over the strings they’ve allowed to be attached to their wrists. There is always a little bit of emptiness that follows when you don’t ask questions. Our breeding has gone downhill, we are not evolving at a pace or in a direction worth pursuing. So most of us have just become complacent, comfortable. 

I, myself, would much rather prefer to be awake and uncomfortable, than to be complacent and fake my own comfort. And that is why we do not always see eye to eye. 

However, you do still have me on your side. And I am both extremely outspoken and brutally honest. From that stems a lot of difficult questions, and I’m not afraid to ask them. 

You shouldn’t be, either. Until you begin to understand that these lines only exist in the feigned evaluation of context, we will continue on this way as a species. Stagnant, steady and unhappy. 

And I will keep writing about how petty it is to not take control of your own destiny. 


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