The Grave

What did you say? You’re 
leaving because you’ve no
restrictions? Or because 
you’ve no home?

What? You’re unloved and
you still wonder why?
Because you’re uninterested 
or simply can’t bend?

There are monsters in this 
world that have not fully dug
themselves from their lies. 
They are the dangerous ones. 

They hang their hands out 
from their graves and wait
patiently for kindness to take
control of your heart. 

Do not pay any mind to them,
as you cannot save them.  

They will drag anything 
and anyone, into
the depths of inferno
in hopes to feel sunlight. 

Pay no mind to them, ignore
the twitching of their fingers. 
Ignore the muffled gasps and
keep walking on. 

I’d know, 
you can trust this,
for I certainly was
one of them. 


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