Perhaps I’ll find him in a coffee shop,
or sitting alone on the outskirts of a bar. 
Perhaps I’ll sit next to him. 

Who am I kidding?

 I’ll likely keep my distance and wait for him to notice my midas touch lingering on the outer rim of a glass. 

He will notice because I am unlike any woman he’s ever encountered. And I’ll notice him because he is a man trapped in a boys dream of the world becoming something brighter

He will start the evening with some emotionally charged comment about the government, cynicism dripping from his tongue like dark whisky and I will laugh the laugh of not feeling so alone on this godforsaken planet. 

Perhaps I’ll even feel the ache of a heartbeat. 

We’ll spend the majority of that first meeting drawing the line back and forth about all the things we hate in humanity and simultaneously all the things we wish it could be. 

Neither will say what they want to find. 
We won’t need to,
We’ll have already found it. 

– B. 

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