You speak of fear as if it’s
a bag draped over your
Perhaps there is a bag,
perhaps it is heavy,
but fear is what you use
as your material.

What is in the bag is

Always remember,
you choose what to carry
in your bag.
What you carry determines
the weight of your burden.

– B.


I can take this suffering and mold it
into something beautiful,
the willpower is my stability and the
drive is my pulse.

Nobody should ever be your home,
you should bring the home with you.

When monogamy turns to monotony,
you have lost the promise of me.

– B.

When you feel lonely, pick up a book. They are the innermost workings of our feelings and thoughts. Nothing can cure loneliness quite like delving into a similar mind.

– B.


I am not sure why we tell our children not to think deeply,

Why we tell them not to ask every question that pops into their heads,

Or question us when they feel something doesn’t make sense.

Why we try to isolate a mind and all of its brilliance is beyond my comprehension.

The moment we hold back our progress in spite of being ‘right’ is the moment we halt our evolution.

– B.


Chew on your opinions before
you choose to swallow them.
Allow a few, but not all, to be
placed upon your plate.

When grudges are tapped on
draft from the veins and
feelings are hidden like a
cancer spreading in the cells,
leave your knife placed
on your left napkin instead.

Choose not to be a commonality
amongst the table of mass,
sip on the fruit of your labor
in lieu of the poison of your past.



You taste the waves on your tongue
and the salt in your skin.
You feel the breeze on your breath,
and the roots in your veins.
You bend to the curve of your spine,
and the will of your mind.

– B.