Trust is Trivia

They taught me to question everything
until the answer was split and multiplied.
‘Atoms make up everything, don’t they?
There’s nothing wrong with the divide.’

‘You’re not that smart, you’re clever,
but you’ll never be entirely right.’
Within my mind I questioned the worth
of someone who couldn’t win the fight.
‘Because your mind works differently
than the rest, you just can’t simplify.’
I couldn’t comprehend how asking ‘why’
would guarantee me a lifelong plight.

Oh, but I wanted the simple answer,
I wanted to check it off the list.
I wanted to say ‘I love you’ and not
be skeptical of another’s fist.

I wanted to trust with unbridled measure
but my cups edge is awfully sharp.
I’m not sure how much to pour until
it’s too shallow or I totally miss the mark.

People often misuse it like a weapon
but they say our empathy is the key.
It’s one I’m not used to using
as it hasn’t been used much on me.

– B. ‘trust is trivia I’ve no definite answer to

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