Dear Anxious One


Look in the mirror.
I need you to breathe
yourself in like lavender,
I need you to check your
pulse and breathe again,
deeper this time, slowly,
so painfully slow until you
you lose track of the rapids.

We are not careening
down a mountainside,
We are not fighting the
current or drowning in
unnecessary worry.
Not today, not tonight.


Loneliness is not a price,
it is a choice, a plight,
now breathe again,
deeper this time,
until your lungs nearly
burst on impact.

They will not burst,
There is no saltwater,
This body is your
kingdom come,
This body is your
safe haven.
Anything that tells
you otherwise
is a clever figment
of imagination.


Close your eyes now.
Listen carefully for your
pulse, when you find it
I want you to hold onto
it like you’d dig your toes
into the sand or touch the
ground after an earthquake.

This is what life is about,
We learn to become the
progress we seek to achieve.
We cannot become victims
if we remember to breathe.

– B.

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