Tunnel Vision

The genius collides
with madness when
the wind behaves
like a leather whip,
and today I am
taking my lashes
like it’s child’s play,
there is no blood,
only dry bones
rubbing beneath
the skin like a
constant itch,
an unrelenting
force beckons
a whirlwind of
time that does
not exist and yet
there’s still
too little of it,
we do not eat,
we do not sleep,
we do not stand
or sit or weep
or stop this full
force train that’s
fleeting onwards,
always forwards,
never back and
we broke the track,
I think there’s a
tunnel closing in,
and you can bet
all hell that I’ll
be prepared for
what lies within
the other side
because I,
oh I, always
keep both eyes
on the prize.

– B.

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