Squeezing Fists Theory

There is this theory behind
the reason why us humans
shake and squeeze our fists
into tightly wound balls when
we see an adorable animal.

The theory states that the
mind is unable to process the
level of heightened emotion
that’s spurned when we set
eyes on something delightful.

It doesn’t know how to process
the flux of excess giddiness,
so it tells you to squeeze the
object of said affection like
some sort of hands-on python.

They say it’s good for us, that
it ‘relieves some tension’ and
‘makes us feel better,’ but the
notion has alway put a sour
taste in my mouth.

I feel as though we should work
towards outstretching palms
and soothing our auras so we
can learn to get along with the
rest of the world instead of always
trying to mold it into our shape.

– B.

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