The Feline Prerogative

This is not a succubus’ prowl,
this is a feast or famine,
this is a system strategically
designed against those of
us forced into submission.

So I concluded as I wept,
we could all fall to our knees
and beg for a mercy that
will never be granted,
or those of us that can will
stand back up again,
ricochet their hostility right back
with a bit of leather adaptability.

Normally I’m Catwoman,
occasionally I’ll wear Bane’s mask,
and I suppose there’s a little bit of
the Bat in all of us;
but I think I’ve always known
my strength lies in hollow bones.

I’m flexible but persistence is key,
I know I’d likely claw at the one
for me upon our initial greeting,
but if it’s meant to be, they’ll see
the good long before it’s shown.

The truth lies in the guise of reality.
A girl’s gotta’ eat, too.

– B.

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