Witch Trials

She is the towns dear Abigail,
crying crocodile tears of the
broken, but still very much a
child who never saw beyond
her own wants and desires.

The village always saves
the wolves playing sheep,
they tend to her weeping
and pick her dull form up
in careful arms, as if she’s
a fresh baby from the womb,
and not a full grown tantrum.

I am the towns Bridget Bishop,
a woman that stood tall as she
was wrongfully condemned
to death, dressed in a fine
layer of self-assertion and
dabbling in feminine rebellion
from an early age up until the
noose was hung.

Prior to 1692 the town believed
Bridget Bishop to be a witch at
the vulgarity of Abigail Williams,
many more were to fall victim
to the crusade, and though it is
now present day, and we say we
have learned a valuable lesson,
I still see not much has changed,
as our history repeats itself.

– B.