Carefully constructed plastic lining lips, 
filling out branded skirts with silicone,
bathing in golden greed and turning
knuckles into brass at the price of 
blood diamonds and rivers running into 
floating sludge as decaying carcasses
with nooses of cleverly marketed bottles
wrapped around their bloated necks drift
by on melting icecaps of liquid chlorine,
homes with floors of deforestation and 
wasted space six feet below from an
overpriced mahogany coffin, we try to
protect our overpopulation outbreak
with a mass-production of paper and a
nine to five of mutilated dreams bought
from our own educational brainwashing.  

Some of us don’t need a costume for 
We wear our human suit every day. 

– B.


One fist tangled firm on
the lead of these reigns, 
this horse is bred in dark
cynicism and he tends to
veer into uncharted terrain. 

Sometimes the trees come
alive and drag sharpened
fingernails across my arm
or douse crimson of the 
virgin on lost trails forlorn. 

Though I tend to stick along
for the journey of nooses,
the rotten fruit often falls 
until my knuckles loosen. 

I’ve really nothing to fear.
As my path is unclear 
and most will steer
clear because I am

– B. 


The cobwebs mask the brilliant intricacies
of these bannisters, each a story untold. 
A regal elegance in a palace of haunts, 
the smell of wax permeates down a
shifting spiral staircase. 

Careful not to lose your footing

These monsters awaken on impulse. 
Though the blood from the wounds 
could be masked as fine wine, the
stability of the foundation is sturdy
as a house worn in age of the dead. 

Be careful what rooms you try to enter,
Or what creature you poke and prod,
My doors only unlock for those worthy
and if you try to lie in the bed I made
without invitation,

I will become your worst nightmare. 

– B.